Free Museums in London

Free Museums in London

Enjoy the best of London’s culture completely free, from world-class exhibitions to stunning art galleries and historic houses. Entry to the permanent collections of these museums and galleries is free; charges may apply for special exhibitions.

Discover all the free attractions in London and the city’s wonderful museums. It’s no surprise London is one of the world’s capitals of culture.


1. British Museum

 Retrace the history of humankind through the British Museum’s amazing collection of artefacts from all over the world. Access to the permanent collection - including highlights such as the Rosetta Stone and Parthenon sculptures - is free.


2. Natural History Museum

 Wander through the spectacular halls of the Natural History Museum, as you discover fascinating exhibits from the natural world, from dinosaurs’ skeletons to a giant blue whale model.


3. National Gallery

 Discover more than 2,000 paintings from the Middle Ages to the 20th century at the National Gallery. See works by Western European masters of painting such as Da Vinci, Botticelli, Caravaggio and Van Gogh.


4. Science Museum

 Experience the wonders of science first-hand with the Science Museum’s interactive displays. Showcasing more than 15,000 objects, the permanent collection includes must-sees Apollo 10 command capsule and Stephenson’s Rocket.


5. Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A)

The Victoria and Albert Museum hosts one of the greatest collections of art and design objects in the world (more than 2.3 million, to be precise). Get lost in its beautiful galleries and retrace the history of creativity through fashion, furniture, sculpture, photography, jewellery and more. 

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