Top 10 Art Galleries in London

Top 10 Art Galleries in London

Best Art Exhibitions London Offers

Our city is the centre of art and culture in the UK. The Tier 2 rules London has in place mean London art galleries open, allowing you to visit the many art galleries in London and see the art exhibitions London is presenting. With so many great art galleries in London to choose from, it is hard to decide where to go first. Therefore, we compiled a list of the top 10 best art exhibitions London has to help you plan your next visit.

The best art exhibitions London offers range from thought-provoking Tate Modern exhibitions to culturally enriching Royal Academy exhibitions. Whatever your preference, London art galleries open now and the free art galleries London offers are everywhere. Our Covid-19 safe 4-star Kensington hotel, Mercure London Kensington Hotel offers you a contemporary, comfortable and convenient base as you embark on your art exhibitions London adventure.

Don’t let the Tier 2 rules London has implemented put you off, the tier 2 rules London has are in place for your safety and allow you to freely explore art galleries in London with piece of mind; all the appropriate sanitisation and social distancing infrastructure will be in place.

A great day-out without breaking the bank, come and see the free art galleries London has on offer. The British believe everyone has the right to experience inspiring art!

Top 10 Art Galleries in London

1. Tate Modern London

One of the largest modern art museums in the world, Tate Modern London is one of the many free art galleries London has. A contemporary London art gallery showcasing international modern art, Tate Modern London is based in the former Bankside Power Station. Tate modern exhibitions of international contemporary art have drawn a lot of media attention over the years, from Damien Hirst’s shark to Tracy Emin’s bed.

2. British Museum London

Discover 2 million years of culture and history at British Museum London. Often referred to as ‘The Museum of the World’, British Museum London is an interactive journey through time, cultures and continents. Dedicated to human art and history, British Museum London acquired most of its 8 million exhibits during the height of the British Empire. The Elgin Marbles on display are considered to be the best sculptures in the world and have caused diplomatic tensions due to their origin.

3. National Gallery London

Masterpiece by masterpiece, The National Gallery London tells the story of European fine art through the ages. Based in Trafalgar Square London, National Gallery London was founded in 1824 and contains more than 2,300 paintings dating from 1200 to 1900. One of the most famous works on display is the ‘Virgin of the Rocks’ painting by Leonardo da Vinci.

4. Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A London)

The world’s leading museum of art and design, Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A London) offers you curated exhibitions and free entry. One of the best free art galleries London offers, Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A London) displays only the finest art and culture. The Renaissance Watercolours exhibition at Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A London) has just begun.

5. National Portrait Gallery London

Housing the largest collection of portraits in the world, National Portrait Gallery London features historically significant and famous British people. National Portrait Gallery London opened in 1856 as the first portrait gallery in the world. National Portrait Gallery London has over 215,000 pieces from the 1500s to today.

6. Tate Britain London

Another one of the best art exhibitions London has, Tate Britain London focuses primarily on British artists and traditional art. Opened in 1897, Tate Britain London houses thousands of works of British art dating back to Tudor times. One of the biggest art museums in the UK, Tate Britain London’s largest exhibition features J. M. W. Turner.

7. Royal Academy of Arts London

The place where art is created, displayed and debated, Royal Academy of Arts London is more than just an art gallery in London, it is an art institution. Founded in 1768, Royal Academy of Arts London has a unique position as a privately funded arts centre with a purpose to create, enjoy and educate people about art and culture. One of the most interesting Royal Academy exhibitions now on is ‘Tracey Emin / Edvard Munch – The Loneliness of the Soul’. There are also many other Royal Academy exhibitions now on.

8. Serpentine Gallery London

Serpentine Gallery London presents free modern art as one of the best free art galleries London offers. With a year-round exhibition programme, Serpentine Gallery London is based in a Grade II listed former tea pavilion in the centre of Hyde Park and gets its name from the beautiful Serpentine Lake it overlooks. Given the tier 2 rules London now has, Serpentine Gallery London opens with the new London exhibition: Jennifer Packer - The Eye Is Not Satisfied With Seeing.

9. The Wallace Collection London

Another of the best free art galleries London offers, The Wallace Collection London exhibits everything from sculpture and paintings to furniture and armour. Named after Sir Richard Wallace who built this impressive London art collection, The Wallace Collection London was assembled between 1700 and 1800. Current exhibitions include ‘Riesener Masterpieces: Royal Furniture in Britain’.

10. Saatchi Gallery London

Exhibiting contemporary art from the collection by Charles Saatchi, Saatchi Gallery London was founded in 1985, making it one of the newest London art galleries. The location of Mercure London Kensington Hotel is perfect for visiting Saatchi Gallery London as they are both in the Royal Borough. Saatchi Gallery London currently exhibits ‘Philip Colbert: Lobsteropolis’ and ‘Antisocial Isolation’ as well as other projects.

We hope our selection of the best art exhibitions London offers will be enough to attract you into our beautiful city. Our first choice would be Tate Modern exhibitions where you can help pioneer contemporary art in a way never seen before.
Our hotel in Kensington, Mercure London Kensington Hotel is your perfect city base from which to visit art galleries in London and experience the exciting selection of art exhibitions London offers. The rates of rooms at 4-star Kensington hotel are always great value and remember most art galleries in London are free to enter. Experience some art and culture and leave feeling enriched and inspired now London art galleries open.

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